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All right, I know this is long overdue and I apologize; Fallout 3 has been devouring my free time this week, I have to admit (I'll post a full review later, after I have played through the game entirely, but the short version is that it's very good -- the Zero Punctuation review sums it up pretty well).  This is going to be a big article, and I'm going to put most of it behind the cut, but I think I'll start with this picture to whet your appetites.  You can see the full size version in the photos panel to the right -- sorry this is a little clumsy, I'm still working out sticking stuff like this into MoveableType, so I'll try to go back and fix these later.

Mountains Behind Soccer Field.jpgThese are the mountains rising up over the sports complex where FanFest was held, with a gorgeous cover of clouds hovering over them.  This was a pretty breathtaking view, and I took this picture at around 1000 on Friday, so you can tell how long it takes for the sun to actually rise in Iceland during the waning months of the fall.

Okay, real coverage of my trip is behind the cut, so let's get started....

Back in the States

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Just a quick update -- I realized I hadn't posted yet this week updating my status -- I'm back in the States now, in Boston, after what was an uneventful flight.  I think I've recovered quite nicely from jet lag, though I'm still a little worn out.  Yesterday Marc and I went to the Constitution Museum here as well as the Museum of Science, both of which were pretty neat (though I'd seen the Constitution before).

Then we went to Legal Sea Foods for dinner -- eventually at the Prudential Center, after giving up looking for the Benoc-recommended Copley location.  I had a really good lobster, but I had forgotten what a complete pain in the butt they are to eat.  Marc had a just as delicious grilled assortment which in retrospect I wish I had gotten.  After trying a little of it, I think I've realized that I just don't like fish when it's not fresh and well prepared, not that I don't like fish in general.

Today, I think we'll be walking the Freedom Trail.  Hopefully it won't be too cold and windy today, but we'll see...

My last day in Iceland

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Today is my last full day here in Iceland, which gives me a little time to reflect on the last few days (but a full roundup of FanFest will have to wait until I get back and have some time to go through my pictures).  It's actually sunny today for the first time since Wednesday, though I've spent almost all my time over the last few days either inside the FanFest venue or out with various people around here.

Visiting Iceland has been a really interesting and fun experience, especially being here and spending time with people from all over the world.  While GenCon always has a lot of people from outside the US, here at FanFest, the attendees are mostly from outside the US -- I've heard people speaking dozens of different languages, not to mention English with as many accents, and it really gives you a feeling for the fact that the world is a much bigger place than you can possibly realize when you spend most of your time in a single place.  I've been able to meet a lot of people I have considered friends here, even though we'd never met in person before, and I will be taking home a lot of great memories.

The most fascinating thing about being in another country has been seeing all the little differences between being here and being in the US.  Nearly everything here seems a little smaller (including my bed in the hotel room and the bit-too-small duvet), the smell of sulfur when you run the hot water (due to the fact that hot water here comes from geothermally-heated springs under the ground), the fact that you get a yellow light before a green light on the traffic signals, and the way cars actually expect to cede the right of way to pedestrians (quite a change from the mess on campus, for sure).  I think just being exposed to a different way of doing things and a different environment has been incredibly healthy for me as a person.

The worst thing about this trip is that it really hasn't been long enough for me to really feel like I have learned as much as I should about this place, and I wish I had time to learn the language and culture here.  I was really excited about coming here, and it has not been a disappointment; I can't wait until I get the chance to take a trip like this again.
Good morning ladies and gents from Reykjavik, Iceland!  I got in here about 3 hours ago now after my 5 hour flight from Boston, during which I don't think I slept nearly as much as I should have.  I wanted to take a nap, but I can't check in to my room yet, unfortunately.  So for now, I'm camped out in the lobby with some other FanFest refugees and waiting to get in.

Right now, it's almost 0900 local (which is also GMT), and the sun is just starting to creep up -- I'd say it looks like it does around 0630 or 0700 does at home.  Streetlights are all still on and you can't see much other than a blue-tinged grey sky (though that may be because of the overcast skies).  So far, Reykjavik does not strike me at all like a city only a bit larger than Champaign-Urbana; it seems almost like a Chicago suburb in terms of the traffic, the road structure, and a lot of the architecture, with modern glass and steel mixed with smaller buildings that seem a lot like older buildings I've seen in New England.

Yesterday was not without it's troubles, unfortunately -- my flight out of Chicago got cancelled due to mechanical problems, so instead of getting to Boston at 1330, I ended up getting there closer to 1700.  In retrospect, that 7 hour layover I was griping about ended up being a good idea.

Anyway, not too much to report yet -- I haven't taken any pictures but hopefully I'll be able to do some of that later today and tomorrow and get those up here.  I just wanted to make a quick post before I forgot to let everyone know I got in okay.

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