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19 July 319

The first real construction within the mountain has been going on for the past few days, while scouting parties are scouring the forest for the ships' two other masts. The excavations made to get stone for building the harbor building carved out a great deal of space, and that has been augmented with a number of wooden and stone additions; the first phase is just a large room where we can put down bedrolls and have some shelter.

Empty Dining Hall.png
As a bit of an extravagance, they have also added a small wooden deck on top of an outcropping on the mountain, complete with a fire pit.

Deck On Dining Hall.png
I slept in the hall last night, where there was enough space to sprawl out a little and get comfortable, a luxury not available atop the mountain in our crude shelters. This morning I woke up early, just before sunrise, and walked out onto the deck, where I watched the moon set over the harbor. The touch of silver on the waters with the clouds drifting just above my head was a beautiful sight, only improved by the comforting heat of the fire. Mr. Yancy, who had been sitting watch on the deck and tending the fire overnight, was likewise spellbound by the view.

Moon Setting Over Dock.png
It is nice to have somewhere here in our new home that seems...permanent, suppose, is the best word for it; I suppose the harbor building is permanent as well, but it is not somewhere I spend a great deal of my time, nor does it seem particularly homey. This place is different; no tools scattered all over the place, no piles of construction supplies, the crackle and warmth of a nice fire, even the smell of food cooking. Soon, hopefully, everyone will have a place like this.

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17 May 319

We have spent five days collecting food and wood from the surrounding countryside, building up our supplies after nearly running out on our journey northward. Luckily, the weather has held; we have all been sleeping under the stars here on the butte, with our supplies kept under the few makeshift tents we still have. Today, however, has been a flurry of activity here, and much of the day was spent building makeshift shelters to protect us when the weather ultimately turns for the worse. Tonight, for the first time in two weeks, I am sleeping out of the elements, in a cabin built on top of the ruins.

Shelters in the Ruins.png
It is cramped quarters; I share this cabin with ten other women. It is better than we have had since leaving Fort Upton, however, and for that I am eternally grateful. Our hunting parties have managed to bring in plenty of meat from the wild pigs that roam the forests north and east of here, and having a full belly has improved both the spirits our small band and their endurance.

I must sleep; this has been a long day, but a good one, and I look forward to what tomorrow brings.

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