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"No, but I did get my pants pulled down."
"I'm not especially hairy.  I mean, I don't have hair like...outside my underwear area."
      -- woman on cell phone sitting in front of me on the bus

"We all heard you."
      -- woman on bus seven rows up to previous woman
-- from Deidei, describing how she looked after spilling pancake batter all over her butt and down the back of her legs.
"...depending on whether you're Dr. Manhattan or Rorschach."

Trickstergod, on RPGnet, about an upcoming Watchmen video game.  You'll have to have read the graphic novel to get this one.

Speaking of Watchmen, I'll be putting up a minireview of the trailer when my review of The Dark Knight gets posted later today.  If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.
(Posted because CK threatened to put a comment to this effect in every post I make for all time if I didn't...)

"Let's all go to Walgreens and get tattoos!" -- from some possibly drunk students outside the Potbelly while we were on the way to having some tasty Indian.

I'm not quite sure what this is supposed to mean, or if this was two discrete suggestions as CK suggested about halfway back to work, but it seems bizarre no matter how you take it.  And no, I have no proof that they were drunk other than the fact that they were very giddy and making strange statements like the above.

I want to live somewhere where the pedestrian demographic is tilted more towards my age level, I think.

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