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7 October 319

7 October 319 01.png
With much fanfare, the Mariner Revenant set off today for the west under Captain Nichols' guidance. With any luck, in a few weeks, he will reach an Imperial outpost and manage to bring word of our plight and our new colony, and bring back some much needed help. Before he set off, though, we had quite the party on the docks and Captain Nichols' crew gave everyone a tour of the ship, so we could see the hard work he and his men had put into building her these last few months.

7 October 319 02.png
The sterncastle of the ship is where we started, and I got to see the crews' mess, where they'd be having their meals. While cramped, they will hopefully have many of the comforts of home, at least as long as the supplies last. They have been loaded with plenty of dried pork and other provisions, but hopefully their first week or so at least they will have some nice fresh produce as well. The skeleton crew of the ship -- only about twenty men, since that is really all we can spare right now -- will hopefully be supplemented later by men Captain Nichols can hire wherever he ends up.

Above the crews' mess are the two officers' quarters and the captain's quarters for the ship. There are only three separate staterooms on the ship, with the rest of the crew in bunks in the forecastle and below deck. The officers' quarters are smaller than the captain's quarters, obviously, and don't have quite so much of the charm of home, but they looked well-built and cozy.

7 October 319 03.png
The captain's quarters, at the rearmost part of the ship, was a bit larger, and featured a bigger bed and some chairs, a place for Captain Nichols to retire and relax for at least a short while.

7 October 319 04.png
In the forecastle, there are a few bunks for the petty officers and other senior members of the crew; they have a bit more private space than the rest of the crewmen, but still share a single large room at the fore of the ship. Still more comfortable than the cramped quarters we all lived with in those first few days on the butte, though!

7 October 319 05.png
Most of the first section below the main deck of the ship is set aside from cargo storage and the crew's bunks, though much of it is still empty right now, to make space for whatever supplies the crew will be bringing back on their eventual return trip. This is where most of the crew will sleep.

7 October 319 06.png
7 October 319 07.png
Below the crew deck is the main cargo deck, which contains most of the ship's dry goods, packed away in chests and barrels for the voyage. There was not much to see here, but I was quite amazed by how much they'd managed to pack away into what was quite a small area. More than enough for the crew to make their journey, I am assured, especially if they can catch any fish to supplement their other provisions.

7 October 319 08.png
As the afternoon drew towards evening though, Captain Nichols made it clear he wanted to be underway, and we all left the ship. I took one last look at her from the bridge, to see her stretch out before me -- finally, our months of work had come together, to give us a strong ship and renewed hope for the future.

7 October 319 09.png
Not long after we finally made our way down the gangplank, the crew set off with some tearful goodbyes and the ship slid out of the harbor, to make its way out to sea for the first time. While we waved from the docks, I felt Duncan's arms around me again and thought that we had finally secured for ourselves a sound future.

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19 July 319

The first real construction within the mountain has been going on for the past few days, while scouting parties are scouring the forest for the ships' two other masts. The excavations made to get stone for building the harbor building carved out a great deal of space, and that has been augmented with a number of wooden and stone additions; the first phase is just a large room where we can put down bedrolls and have some shelter.

Empty Dining Hall.png
As a bit of an extravagance, they have also added a small wooden deck on top of an outcropping on the mountain, complete with a fire pit.

Deck On Dining Hall.png
I slept in the hall last night, where there was enough space to sprawl out a little and get comfortable, a luxury not available atop the mountain in our crude shelters. This morning I woke up early, just before sunrise, and walked out onto the deck, where I watched the moon set over the harbor. The touch of silver on the waters with the clouds drifting just above my head was a beautiful sight, only improved by the comforting heat of the fire. Mr. Yancy, who had been sitting watch on the deck and tending the fire overnight, was likewise spellbound by the view.

Moon Setting Over Dock.png
It is nice to have somewhere here in our new home that seems...permanent, suppose, is the best word for it; I suppose the harbor building is permanent as well, but it is not somewhere I spend a great deal of my time, nor does it seem particularly homey. This place is different; no tools scattered all over the place, no piles of construction supplies, the crackle and warmth of a nice fire, even the smell of food cooking. Soon, hopefully, everyone will have a place like this.

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17 May 319

We have spent five days collecting food and wood from the surrounding countryside, building up our supplies after nearly running out on our journey northward. Luckily, the weather has held; we have all been sleeping under the stars here on the butte, with our supplies kept under the few makeshift tents we still have. Today, however, has been a flurry of activity here, and much of the day was spent building makeshift shelters to protect us when the weather ultimately turns for the worse. Tonight, for the first time in two weeks, I am sleeping out of the elements, in a cabin built on top of the ruins.

Shelters in the Ruins.png
It is cramped quarters; I share this cabin with ten other women. It is better than we have had since leaving Fort Upton, however, and for that I am eternally grateful. Our hunting parties have managed to bring in plenty of meat from the wild pigs that roam the forests north and east of here, and having a full belly has improved both the spirits our small band and their endurance.

I must sleep; this has been a long day, but a good one, and I look forward to what tomorrow brings.

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11 May 319

More than a week's journey northwards, I fear we are reaching the limits of our endurance. While we barely stopped at all during the first few days of our flight north, we are now being forced to rest for as much of the day as we walk. We've rationed the last of our food, even supplemented by what we have managed to hunt and gather over the trip. Unfortunately, especially for the children and the wounded, this has only sapped their endurance even more.

Tonight, we are encamped on a beach, which appears to be some sort of large bay or sound; we must be on the far side of whatever peninsula was north of our island before. It is a somewhat reassuring sight, since we have much greater chance of being discovered along the coast, but there has still been no sign of civilization so far. However, there has been no sign of any of the creatures that set us on our way either, so we thank the gods for that particular blessing.

Duncan has become withdraw and consumed with his thoughts over the course of our travels; he has taken the brunt of the blame for our predicament, though mostly from himself. I have tried to console him, holding him for hours at night, but he says nothing and has taken to skipping meals the last two days. I have reminded him that we were much worse off when we were first wrecked upon the shore, but that does not seem to help his spirits.

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A short program note; this entry marks a transition from my previous Minecraft world to the one I'm currently using, which I switched to after the 13 January update. There were two main reasons for this switch. First, I wanted to have access to the new blocks in the 13 January update closer to my starting point, which would have been difficult since they only appear in new chunks.

Second, and more importantly, the terrain generator was greatly improved in the 13 January update, and the landscapes in this new world are far more interesting than those I saw in the original world I used for the Amelia Primrose logs. So the landscapes you'll be seeing as the new world is explored are much more impressive, and give a much more interesting are for building, than the old world had. Hopefully, you'll agree that this was a worthwhile reason to start over.

3 May 319

As I write this, we are fleeing north from Fort Upton with what possessions and supplies we could carry after the carnage of a terror-filled night. While I must admit that fear clouds much of my memory of the last few days, I will try to recount the events that led to our sudden flight as best I can.

I remember it beginning two nights ago with the sound of an explosion at the north gate; a creeper attack, the start of something we did not see coming. There was little damage to the causeway or the gate itself, but the portcullis had been shattered by the blast, the heavy oak timbers splintered by the creeper. What we didn't know was that this was just the beginning; throughout that night, all manner of creatures mobbed the walls and tried to push their way in. Duncan and the other men fought bravely to hold them off at the north gate, and the walls managed to weather the worst of it. By the next morning, though, the entire village had been frightened to death, and most of the men were tired from helping to defend the walls. The worst had been the spiders, which had managed to climb the walls and swarm what we had thought was a safe redoubt.

All of us were mystified by what could have caused the sudden increase in aggressiveness on the part of the monsters; it was almost as if something was directing them, which was a frightening thought. Everyone assumed that the necromantic cabals which fled to Oestria were wiped out during the Great Crusade, but there were always rumors that one or two of the black magicians had slipped through the grasp of the Crusaders. If one of them was here...well, at this point, there is little it could add to our misery, but a frightening thought nonetheless.

At one point, in the middle of the day, several men fled the small mineshaft where we had been collecting iron, pursued by several creepers. Such a brazen attack, in the sunlight, sent a panic through the village. Though eventually they were dispatched, thanks to the hard work of Mr. Tyler and a patrol of men, they managed to do damage to both the mine hut and any remaining sense of safety that the village walls conferred.

Creeper on the Loose.png
It did not take long for a new round of fighting over what to do to take hold. Much of it was simple panic -- arguing for nonsensical courses of action just because they felt like they had nothing else to offer. Fleeing the village seemed ridiculous at that point, since it still seemed like our best hope, but many people began gathering up their possessions and preparing to leave. Duncan tried to get them to see reason, but after the last night many people were too scared to think straight.

I'm afraid I must take a break now, as it is time to move again; we must cross as much distance as possible during the day, to avoid pursuit; I will write more when I can.

4 May 319

We have made camp again, in a clearing in the forests here. Last night was largely quiet; three zombies stumbled into our camp just before dawn, as we were getting ready to move on again, but they were quickly dispatched. During the day, there have been no signs of pursuit, for which I am thankful. The question is beginning to circulate about how far we will actually end up going; we cannot continue traveling forever, after all. So far, the consensus seems to be that we need to put more distance between Fort Upton and wherever we decide to try and make a go of it again, and we need to find a more defensible position -- a hill or a mountain seems like a better redoubt than the island we had before.

To return to the tale of how we arrived in this situation however, it was that second night where things took their final turn for the worst. As night fell, again we heard the sounds of the monsters at our gates. A makeshift barricade had been built to block the shattered north gate and the west gate was shut, but no one knew how long that would hold if the creepers returned.

That was when a hail of flaming arrows lit up the night, sailing over the walls and setting a number of the buildings in town alight. We'd never seen this kind of sophisticated attack from them before, and no one expected anything like it; before we knew it, fires had been lit at the guesthouse, bathing the town in an eerie glow.

Guesthouse Alight.png
As the fire spread, the Teasdales and their guests grabbed what they could of their possessions and fled into the streets. It did not take long for fire to completely engulf the building's wooden interior; I tried to organize a bucket brigade, but the by the time we were ready, the flames consumed nearly everything inside.

Guesthouse Lobby on Fire.png
Things did not improve as Duncan and Mr. Tyler tried to get everyone into the fort; quickly, they realized the fort was not safe either. Somehow, zombies had been able to get inside -- there was little time to investigate how, but the best guess was through the lower levels of the keep -- and we found that we had no place of safety.

Zombie in Barracks.png
Outside the fort, the fire continued to spread among the houses we'd only recently built, and everyone began to gather in the courtyard of the fort, dragging their few possessions. Mr. Tyler led many of the other men around, gathering what they could from the buildings quickly succumbing to fire.

Village Aflame.png
It was not long after they returned that there was a series of explosions at the west gate, and we heard the shouts of the guards posted there. We were faced with the prospect of being overwhelmed, as skeletons and other creatures swarmed the gate.

Undead at the Gate.png
With the gates destroyed, and the fort overrun, we were backed into a corner. Staying was impossible, with our defenses in the shambles they were now; luckily, there were few among us who were badly wounded, making an escape to the north possible. Before we could be trapped, we made a run for the causeway, with Duncan and Mr. Tyler leading the way. It was terrifying -- by this time, the monsters were swarming the walls, coming through the now-shattered west gate, and as we struggled to dismantle the barricade to the causeway, we fought to keep them away. Even I picked up a sword and joined the fight, batting away the clawing arms of zombies.

Just when it seemed we would be overwhelmed, the barricade came down and we hurried over the causeway, fleeing into the hills north of the town. When we stopped to catch our breath, with little sign of pursuit, we could see the flames of the burning village behind us, over the walls.

Fleeing Fort Upton.png
We've continued north, hoping to find a suitable place to build a new shelter, or some sign of civilization. Other than a few scattered encounters with monsters, it doesn't appear we are being pursued; whatever was sending those monsters after us before has either lost track of us or simply doesn't care. Our food is starting to run out though, so soon we may be forced to stop and start building a camp to hunt from anyway. Duncan remains nervous about staying in one place for too long, but everyone is growing tired, especially the women and children, though like myself, many of the women have kept quiet about any complaints, knowing the men are worrying about enough already. Hopefully, we will find somewhere to stay soon, protected from the elements and the creatures surrounding us.

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